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Management Advisory Services for 21st Century Needs


The foundation ingredients found in every successful company is focus, work ethic, and the ability to maximize strengths while mitigating weaknesses.

By assessing and evaluating the outside opportunities and threats impacting your company, while understanding its organizational strengths and weaknesses, we collaboratively design a strategic roadmap that ultimately becomes the foundation of the business planning and engineering process.

The promulgation of clear and concise action plans, ROI budget accountability, assignment of responsibilities that correspond to realistic and flexible timelines and the continuous monitoring of progress against objectives are all vital to the ultimate success of the process.

Results are measured in improved profits, motivated employees, functional systems, streamlined business processes and shareholder value enhancement.

Keys to Success

21st Century Business Agility: The 21st century environment is becoming faster, more diverse and complex – people want greater choice, customization and speed. 21st Century “Organic organizations” are complex, variable and non-deterministic. These organizations are connected to; interactive with, and part of their environment. The “traditional way” of doing business is to analyze the future and refine your strategy extensively to “get it right” before you start. The new, agile way recognizes that the future is uncertain and many markets are simply devoid of predictability until they are tested and embraced.

OPA addresses practical business models and methods that show promise for revolutionizing certain sectors of the economy. We address information technology and management methods in an integrated way. We start with a core skill or resource, and build a team and opportunity around that. The core skill may be a distribution channel, a key process or a central skill, such as risk management. In such an instance, the goal is frequently not to simply generate revenues from the business opportunity at hand but to also enhance that core competence in strategic ways that can expand the value proposition and accelerate measured growth.

Monetizing Hidden Assets and Relationships: Mining and monetizing an enterprise’s assets- whether they are human, intellectual, technical, physical or spiritual-can unlock a treasure trove of opportunities that may translate into increased productivity, revenues and shareholder value. In many organizations, especially large global concerns, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing therefore creating undue duplicity and waste. Smaller organizations usually are understaffed, constantly multi-tasking and many times overwhelmed at the daily tasks needing attention to keep the lights on. In either case, a trusted objective third party, such as OPA, can become a vital component for making sure that the “money is not being left on the table”.

Harvesting New Business Opportunities: “We Commerce” is the catchphrase based upon the emergence of social networking applications and platforms that are changing the way many people conduct their personal and business affairs. Establishing a harmonized balance of traditional and contemporary methods for extending the peripheries of your business touch points and anticipating market demands enables OPA clients to be early entries for establishing a defendable presence and capturing market share.

Opening New Markets: The old adage of "it's not what you know but who you know” is most pertinent for opening new markets for your services and products. We would also venture to say that the “we commerce” component, which is dependent on a what you know capability for accessing and utilizing social networking platforms, do play a part in this process. The key item still remains being able to secure a competitive advantage for broadening ones market opportunities while maintaining a semblance of economic prudence and not losing sight of existing markets, customers and relationships. OPA can be a vital catalyst and capacity builder for instituting the necessary actions to accelerate your goals for opening new markets and expanding you business opportunities, especially in China.

Strategic Alliance Partner Identification and Formation: Identifying a compatible team mate for a large scale project can be a daunting and time consuming process. OPA is very experienced at assisting enterprises with identifying and teaming with suitable partners for meeting the goals of both project specific and long term opportunities.

Leveraging Government Programs and Funds: Sustainable economies are inexorably entwined with publicly funded governmental programs that are bridging the capital voids created by the great global recession of 2008-09. OPA “follows the dollars” of the myriad of programs and corresponding industries that have been ordained by the governing bodies as being primary beneficiaries for restoring economic health and vibrancy. In addition to the stimulus programs, there are billions of dollars of contracts worldwide that are underwritten by government agencies that can be accessed by those in the know. These programs are especially lucrative for smaller businesses and minority owned companies. OPA is ready to assist you with maximizing your opportunity to benefit from these programs.

Information Technology Integration: OPA principals have a long standing background in advising early entry companies with monetizing their intellectual properties and technological innovations. OPA has assisted companies at the early stages of development in a number of fields including litigation management and mediation; electronic medical records; information technology security; web centric infrastructures (cloud computing); micro-payment processing; on-demand learning platforms and a myriad of other technologies that are now considered commonplace. Our extensive experience with, and access to, leading edge technologies and the markets within which they can be adapted towards has fostered relationships with industry stalwarts and forward thinking enterprises. OPA is especially adept at integrating complementary products and services to enhance the value proposition in addition to licensing unique applications for engineering innovative products and solutions.