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Capital Formation & Value Enhancement

Oakwood Park Associates has many years of experience in a wide range of capital markets across the globe. From the most complex products to the basics, the OPA principals have personally been instrumental in facilitating capital formation solutions for numerous companies and projects worldwide. Recognizing that capital formation is a function of the prevailing financial markets and economic environment, OPA offers its clients flexibility through our extensive base of relationships – we are not wedded to any particular structure, size, or style of deal.

The Capital Formation Process

OPA has developed a rigorous formula for assisting companies with meeting their capital needs. The process comprises the following steps:

  • Thoroughly analyze and understand the business from all aspects. OPA becomes absorbed in the business in order to identify all assets and liabilities which impact the strategic intent and tactical approach to the capital sources.
  • Forecast realistic projections. To raise capital, the company’s future performance must be evaluated and defensible. OPA utilizes our ProFormaForecaster™ tool which enables the company and the potential investors to consider many variables when coming to agreement on the metrics for budget forecasts and overall valuations.
  • Single out growth drivers. The primary drivers of future performance must be fully understood and evidenced. The ability of the company to illustrate the growth drivers and demonstrate how the growth drivers will be successfully managed becomes a significant element for bolstering the likelihood of the company’s ability to raise capital.
  • Select suitable investors. OPA matches investment sources with the company based on size, growth rate, sector and other factors. One shoe does not fit all, especially during difficult periods where capital markets are constrained.
  • Introduce potential investors to company. OPA coaches the company in preparation for road shows and one-on-ones with investors.
  • OPA coordinates and works with all parties to the transaction for finalizing the capitalization.